Gold’s Gym Cycle Trainer 310 Exercise Bike

Gold’s Gym Cycle Trainer 310 Exercise Bike

Gold's Gym Cycle Trainer 310 Exercise Bike

  • Upright exercise bike design, Designed with traditional cycling in mind, Offers various training techniques, Allows for a more intense cardio workout, Adjustable seat with padding, Find your perfect fit for a more comfortable workout
  • Adjustable, non-slip handlebars with grips, Ergonomically designed to cut down on fatigue and prevent discomfort, Adjust the height to find the right fit, Pedals with toe cages and straps designed to keep your feet in place, Pedals can be used with the opposite side up, 40 lb flywheel
  • Low maintenance and extremely durable, Smooth, consistent feel throughout your workout, Felt resistance system with an easy adjustment knob, 2 instructional workout DVDs led by a certified personal trainer, Workouts are designed like an indoor cycling class with intervals and climbs for maximum results
  • Quick-Stop braking system offers added control, Built for a fast-paced cardio workout, you can quickly start and stop at anytime, Durable steel frame, Enhanced corrosion resistance, Easy-to-read LCD window tracks speed, time, distance and calories burned
  • Chain drive delivers a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride, Built-in transport wheels quickly move the bike to your workout area, Water bottle holder, Accommodates up to 250 lbs, Model Number: GGEX62410

Maximize your results with indoor cycling! With the Gold’s Gym Cycle Trainer 310 Exercise Bike, you can bring the indoor cycling class from the gym to your home. The two included instructional workout DVDs with this exercise bike will help you burn fat and lose weight. Led by a certified personal trainer, these workouts using this Gold’s Gym exercise bike are designed just like a gym class with intervals and climbs for maximum results. Plus, this indoor exercise bike boasts a heavy 40-pound flywheel and a durable chain drive system for smooth, consistent performance. Other features include a felt resistance system, padded seat and adjustable handlebars.

List Price: $ 297.39


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One thought on “Gold’s Gym Cycle Trainer 310 Exercise Bike”

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    I was able to do all of this by myself (I’m a women) via the easy to follow instructions, August 25, 2014

    This review is from: Gold’s Gym Cycle Trainer 310 Exercise Bike (Misc.)
    First off, I want to start by saying I was very surprised to not be able to find one single review on this bike before I bought it! I actually picked mine up from Walmart (of all places) this weekend. If you google this bike, you will see that it goes for $988.00! However, I bought mine for $247.00! Since there were no reviews on this item, I based my decision to buy it mostly on the fact that it was going for $988.00 on line and the fact that if I got it home and it wasn’t satisfactory, I could simply bring it back to the store for a full refund. So I went for it. It came in a big box (but it fit into a full sized vehicle trunk), so obviously I knew there would be some assembly to this. Please note, the box was VERY heavy, and I as a woman could NOT lift the box in and out of my car and even struggled a bit getting the frame out of the box by myself. The main frame and fly wheel all came already assembled in the box. All that was needed on my part was to attach the floor stablilizers to the front and back, the handle bars, seat, pedals and electronic mileage indicator. The instructions are super easy to follow, but it will take two people to put the stabilizers on the bike because it needs to be lifted up on each end while you put the screws through the holes from the BOTTOM and attached the bolts to them from the top, and the base is VERY heavy and not real sturdy until you the get stabilizers on. Once I got it assembled, it was ready to ride. No oiling or other prep was needed other than adjusting the seat and handle bars to fit me. The bike is VERY sturdy and seems well made. I was able to adjust the seat forward and backward or up and down according to my likings. The handle bars also adjust up and down. The pedaling motion was very smooth with just a little bit of noise coming from the rotation of the flywheel which is expected I guess. It’s not an annoying noise, just noise. Turn up your music and you alleviate that problem. Overall I gave this bike 4 stars. I feel five stars is for a perfect item, and so I knocked off one star for 3 reasons. First, on a perfect bike, there would be NO noise at all. Secondly, the fact that when you want to adjust the tension of how hard you want to pedal, you have to reach down and manually turn a knob thats located below the handle bars on the frame. On the perfect bike, you could do that some other way without having to reach down. And lastly, when you stop pedaling, the flywheel doesn’t coast, so when you try to stop, it’ll kind of jerk your legs because the pedals will continue to pedal until you physically slow your pedaling down to a stop. So that’s something to be mindful of when done with your workout. I would definitely recommend this bike for your average person looking for a decent indoor cardio workout. I’ve never taken a spinning class so I’m not sure this bike would be up to the standards of a true spin class workout, but it definitely has the smoothness and comfortability of a regular cardio workout on a bike.


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