How to Choose the Right Treadmill for Your At-Home Gym

Health clubs and public exercise facilities seem to be getting more and more crowded these days! Having a treadmill at home can certainly making sticking to your fitness routine easier since you don’t have to take the extra steps of getting in your car and driving to the gym. You can also choose to exercise any time to the day or night!

On the downside, buying a treadmill can be an expensive investment. Unless you’ve researched and know all of the variables offered, you can easily end up paying dearly for a treadmill for features you’ll never use. Here are some questions you need to ask before making the purchase of your first home treadmill.

How will you be using your new treadmill?

If you’re a runner, your needs will be different than if you plan on walking exclusively. If you plan on running, you’ll need a treadmill with a deck at least 60 inches in length to accommodate your stride. Also look for a treadmill that has a good layer of deck cushioning to absorb some of the shock from hitting the surface at a forceful pace. Sturdy construction of the frame will be important to avoid having the treadmill rock back and forth during the vigorous movements of running.

How much room do you have available in your house or apartment?

If you have limited room, you’ll want to look for one of the fold up models that can be easily stored in a small space. Fortunately, there are a number of these on the market today so finding one to accommodate your space needs shouldn’t be a problem.

How much are you prepared to spend for your treadmill?

A basic treadmill can be purchased for under 00 with some decent ones even going as low as 0. These lower end models are fine for walking, but may be a problem if you plan on doing frequent running. The more expensive, advanced models which run in the 00 to 00 range generally have longer decks to accommodate running as well as a more powerful motor for higher speed exercise. They also tend to have frames with sturdier construction.

How much do you weigh?

Some treadmills aren’t constructed to bear heavier weights with most of the lower end models having weight limits of 250 pounds. If you weigh more of this, be sure to look for a model that can accommodate your excess weight.

What display features are you looking for on your treadmill?

Some of the features displayed on the console might include calories burned, distance traveled, speed, incline level, and time. Some models will also include a heart rate monitor, although this is more commonly seen on the higher end treadmills. Make sure the parameters you require are displayed on the console you purchsse. If you’re working that hard, you want to get some feedback on how you’re doing!

Do you want to design your own workout programs?

Some treadmills model will allow you to design your own custom programs to meet your fitness needs. Generally, you are given several different pre-set routines already programmed into the treadmill. If you need additional ones, you might want to consider a treadmill that allows you to design your own user defined programs.

How important is ease of set-up to you?

If you’re not handy with tools, you should consider a model that comes preassembled or requires minimal set-up. Also take into account the maintenance requirements of any potential treadmill you are considering. There are many machines available that are almost maintenance free.

Finally, consider the length of the warranty provided by the company you purchase your treadmill from. Generally, there are separate warranties for the motor, the frame, as well as parts and labor. Look for a machine that has at least a several year warranty on the motor as well as a five year or more warranty on the frame. You should have at least a year warranty on parts and 4 months on labor.

If you choose your home treadmill wisely, you should get many years of dependable usage from it. Think of the money you’ll save by not having to join a health club! A home treadmill will likely be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in terms of your overall health and well being. Time to go shopping for treadmills!

Written by Kristie.Leong.M.D

My Daughter talks about the Thai chicken and I show you our little home gym.
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An Informative Home Gym Review

There are a few well-known manufacturers of home gyms worth mentioning. While all have their advantages and downsides, the following home fitness gyms are especially notable. The reviews will focus on the universal gyms the companies produce.

Weider Home gyms Review

The Weider Crossbar ( formerly called the Crossbow ) is a universal gym that uses strong but bendable bows to make resistance. The Weider Crossbar sells for around 0.

Pros : The Weider Crossbar is relatively inexpensive and has a good range of exercises that it may be employed for.

Gold’s gym Home gyms Review

This is a universal gym that uses flexible bows to provide resistance. The maximum resistance is 210 pounds, with an available add-on that increases the maximum to 410 pounds.

Cons : It is difficult to adjust the resistance level and the manufacturers provide poor shopper service.
Tuff Stuff Home gyms Review

The CFM-555 is the best-known home gym manufactured by Tuff Stuff.
Pros : The CFM-555 features simply operated range of motion device, a contoured seat back that is functional and comfy, and a big selection of possible exercises.

Cons : It is enormous and comparatively tough to move. There was no mention of any way to add resistance to the CFM-555.
Hoist Home gyms Review

The Hoist Multi gym H-100 is a well-regarded top-end universal gym with a recommended retail cost of 00. The Multi gym H-100 features a single weight stack.
Pros : The Multi gym H-100 is well constructed and durable. It has got a profusion of possible exercises and a sleek, space saving design.

Cons : It is expensive and there is no way to add resistance outside the single weight stack.
Marcy Home gyms Review

It has the capacity of doing over 20 different exercises. The Marcy MWM 1800 retails for about 0.

Cons : there was only a 50-pound resistance add-on discussed and the MWM is hard to assemble.

The Powerhouse PH-1300 is a mix between a universal gym and a free weight home gym. It has the set up of a universal gym, but the user has to supply the weight rack. It costs in the region of 0 plus the costs of weights.
Pros : The PH-1300 can have as much as 500 pounds added to it. It is cheap and comparatively light-weight.

Conclusion :

Any of the products discussed in the home gyms review could be a good choice for consumers looking to exercise at home. People who are looking to do light exercise could select a smaller, inexpensive and less complex home gym, while folks who are absolutely committed to build strength would be better advised to get a larger home gym with additional features. The main point to keep in mind is that there’s a home gym on the market for everybody.

Irvin has been writing articles online for a few years now. Not only does this author specialize in diet, fitness and weight loss, you can also check out his latest website on Weider Pro Home Gym which reviews and lists the best Weider Weight System which gives you the best deals.

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Bowflex Comparison

So what is all the fuss about?, I hear you thinking…why should i go for bowlfexs – power pro or elite? well, firstly the elite and power pro are the more popular of bowlfexs machines because of their pricing. The elite and power pro are mid low – mid in bowflexs range of home gym equipment. So as well as getting a good price, you get all of their advanced technology in the model you choose.

Bowflexs reputation is renowned and their secret is in the patented power rods that are featured on bowlexs models. These rods give you resistance, or weight in simpler terms, that fell as good as free weights but without the danger and common joint pain associated with free weights. These rods are so strong and resilient that bowlexs policy is that if you can wear them out they will replace them for free! Now thats confidence in your product.

The elite comes with 310lbs of resistance and can be upgraded to 410lbs. The elite model in bowflexs range will allow for some resistance to your small assistor and stabilizer muscles that a normal home gym will not. The elite is well designed as are all of bowflexs range and to change from one exercise to another is fairly easy.The elite model is safe, you can perform alot of different exercises, it allows for a good range of motion and does not take up alot of space.

The power pro is a little more expensive but not that much different from the elite, a few more exercise options and accessories but that is about it. The power pro is probably the most popular from bowflexs range and if you browse through links I have provided below, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Written by fitWriter

My shot at stardom happened last May while being filmed for an infomercial for the Bioforce TNT home gym. It is being run in selected markets in the US at this time. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about the while filming process. The original has been compressed due to it’s size , but it is still fairly clean ; the sound , though , took a slight hit in quality. Awesome machine. Fitness Quest is also a fine company to do business with.
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