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Women’s Weight Loss Slimming Sauna Sweat Suit Set with Mesh Fabric Inside

Women’s Weight Loss Slimming Sauna Sweat Suit Set with Mesh Fabric Inside

Women's Weight Loss Slimming Sauna Sweat Suit Set with Mesh Fabric Inside

  • mesh fabric can avoid body sticking when you sweat.good for your skin
  • Material: double PVC coating; high-end fabric is great for aerobic conditioning, more comfortable
  • Two-piece outfit with elastic waist, cuffs, and ankles, accelerate sweating and fat burning; Waist tightening design, better leakproofness, promote sweating
  • Features: nontoxicity, anti microbial, anti-crease, waterproof
  • hand wash only in cold water, do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron; don’t wring, bleach or insolat

Please check the size carefully before you place an order.


M: waist:22.83″-37″; breast:27.55″-37.79″

L: waist:25.19″-41.73″; breast:26.77″-42.51″

XL: waist:28.34″-43.3″; breast:28.34″-43.3″

2XL: waist:31.49″-45.27″; breast:29.52″-45.27″

3XL: waist:33.07″-47.24″ ; breast:31.49″-47.24″


M: the length of the pants:48.03″; hip:42.51″

L: the length of the pants:48.81″; hip:43.3″

XL: the length of the pants:49.6″; hip:44.88″

2XL: the length of the pants:50.39″; hip:46.45″

3XL: the length of the pants:51.18″; hip:48.03″

This Sauna Suit is a trusted part of the lives of countless fitness enthusiasts who train and compete as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

If you wear this suit and walk 30 mins,the effect of sweating is equal to jog for an hour and a half.

Go get one this sauna suit to your workout routine. Ideal for aerobic conditioning,I believe this suit can be a big help.


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